Standards / QA:

QC – 100% of all completed products and components in the production lines are checked according to our strict checklist, Including QC at every stage of the manufacturing process.

QA Control:

Our QA covers all activities from Design, Development, Installation, Servicing and up to documentation. It introduced the saying “Fit to purpose” and “Do it right the first time”
It includes the regulation of quality of raw materials, assembly, products and components; services related to production management and inspection processes.

Policy for quality, safety and health in the workplace and the environment:

The Linero Light policy is to achieve the utmost satisfaction of our customers and meet with their expectations, whilst achieving maximum profitability and complying with all requirements by law.

This policy takes into account the need for high quality, affordable, special emphasis on preventing environmental pollution and adverse effects on the environment and preventing accidents and professional diseases, in order to acquire customer confidence and at the same time creating a positive image.

In order to achieve and implement this policy, the Linero Light management has decided to introduce an integrated management system according to the management system requirements of ISO9001- 2008 edition, environmental management system according to standard 14001-2004 and health and safety and work standard: OHSAS 18001-2007 as the administrative access.

The company management will strive to place the company, its managers and its employees at the forefront of the companies in the world in this field, while maintaining a decent working relationship, identification with its employees, with the company and its goals and in providing high quality products, safety precautions and environmentally friendly services. At the same time, taking care to maintain high professional standards amongst all employees and preventing environmental pollution. The company will continue to develop the services it provides to its customers and will compete in a fair manner with its competitors and other organizations

The company will work safely to prevent injury to workers and employees by the company (subcontractor) to their health by identifying risk factors and minimizing the risk levels.
Company management is committed to implementing continuous improvement of quality management system effectiveness, safety and environmental health at work system.
The Policy for quality, safety and health in the workplace and the environment, and the goals will be periodically surveyed by the management and will be adjusted as required. The policy will be transferred to all employees and be available to the public at the responsibility of the General Manager.

The policy will be understood and implemented by all employees.

Aharon Kaplan
General Manager