Linero Light is a company specialized in the design and manufacture of high end P.O.S. materials.

For 15 years we have dedicated most of our efforts in specializing and focusing on challenging markets.

Nowadays our main markets are: Tobacco, Cosmetics, Beverages and Optics.
We are experts in the world of Tobacco POS Brands Communication.

Since 1997 we have been manufacturing a wide range of Tobacco products, from a simple presenter to a wide range of heavy duty dispensers for all purposes:
Over 2,000,000 items delivered in the POS markets worldwide, through a wide variety of in store solutions, as: In Store Design, Shop in Shop, Dispensers, Displays, Gas Station and Airports among others.

All our dispensers are designed taking into special consideration key elements, including: safety, easy use, functionality for the Retailer (User Friendly) and maximum Brand exposure.

The entire process is carried out under one roof, from project brief to delivery, including: Understanding Need and opportunities, Concept Design, R&D, Engineering, Prototyping, Manufacturing and International Delivery Logistics.

The whole process is managed and operated by our in house Team, without dependency of any sub-contractor and is monitored by a 100% QC at all stages of the production process.